Tiny World Of Life

A valiant attempt!

press 'r' to try again

Dear candidate disciple,

You have been accepted to the auditions for the intergalactic academy of life.

To prove that you are worthy of studying the science of life at the intergalactic academy of life we present you with the following tiny world. Your task is to make this world into a planet that can sustain life. You will be provided with one cell of life and copious amounts of earth, forest, grass and water. Use these resources to your advantage. You will be rewarded for the largest amount of life the world is able to bring forth, the largest life span of a life cell. The amount of materials used to produce this planet will reduce your score.

Remember all life needs water and forest!

Kind regards,
Professor Dsc. Blr. A. Digglebrafz

Press 'enter' to continue


During world creation, the following keys are available

W-A-S-DMoves the camera
1 through 5
Toggle through different terrains
SpacePlace terrain on selected tile
CClears the entire world

Placing a cell of life starts the simulation and you will no longer be able to place terrain. The simulation will end when all life has died, or when the user presses 'F'

During the simulation, the following keys are available

W-A-S-DMoves the camera
PPauses the simulation
FFinishes the simulation, in case you manage to create an infinite cycle of life

Also: Press H to close (or re-open) this help tab